Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art: “Skybound Sea” by Sam Sykes – French Edition (Fleuve Noir)

I’m currently reading some of Sam Sykes’s fourth novel (not for review), which means there may be a bit of a delay before my next novel review appears on the blog (well, actually, I have one coming up on Thursday, but after that…). Therefore, and in keeping with my Sykes-mood at the moment, I have shamelessly pinched the French artwork for Sam’s third novel, Skybound Sea, from Staffer’s Book Review. Because it’s jaw-droppingly good:


That is so, so much better than the UK and US covers for the book. The artist is Marc Simonetti.

Kataria looks bad-ass, and Gariath… Wow. (He’s the big, red, demonic-looking fella in the near-background).

Dear Pyr and Gollancz: re-release the novel with this cover.

Thank you.

[NB: I’m only guessing about the French Publisher – they’ve published the first book, but I can’t find much evidence of book two or three… I’ll keep checking, and post correction/confirmation as I find out.]


  1. You're right, at least book two was published by them as well: http://www.fleuvenoir.fr/site/la_porte_des_eons_t2_&100&9782265094512.html

    And that IS a gorgeous cover :-)

    1. I reeeeeally want Gollancz and Pyr to pick it up... Or something similar, anyway.

  2. Katarina looks much more martial and fierce than the US covers, definitely.

  3. wow, SO much better. Simonetti does some brilliant covers!