Monday, May 14, 2012

“Chew, Vol.2: International Flavor” (Image)

Chew-Vol.02-InternationalFlavourWriter: John Layman | Artist: Rob Guillory

Cibopathic detective Tony Chu – able to get psychic impressions from whatever he eats – has a strange new case. A newly-discovered fruit which, when cooked, tastes remarkably like chicken, leads Chu to a small Western Pacific island – an island full of secrets, intrigue... and murder!

Just a quick review, this. This volume of Layman and Guillory’s delightfully weird series displays the same strengths and humour as Taster’s Choice. This made me laugh and cringe, but was always entertaining and addictive.


We’re reunited with our weird little protagonist as he is being re-partnered with Colby – his former NYPD partner who had half his face hacked of in issue/chapter one (above). Colby now has some pretty nifty bionic implants. The two FDA agents get put on the case of a bank robbery, which in turn leads them to the strange fruit (below).


On the island (and off the reservation – Tony goes on his own), our hero is confronted with a bodacious, border-line psychotic and territorial undercover USDA agent (below), tyrannical local government, cock-fighting, and both corrupt and apathetic police forces. What follows is an action-packed romp around an island controlled by a diminutive dictator attempting to put together a world-class restaurant. Meanwhile, Tony also finds himself ever-more invested in events on the island.


Lots of bodies, some eccentric cooks, colourful locals, and just as many WTF and laugh-out-loud moments as last time. Chew is pure twisted, amusing genius. This is a special kind of awesome, and highly recommended.

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  1. Agreed, Chew is awesome. This has consistently been one of my favorite comics over the past few years.

    If nothing else, you have to love the International Flavor story line for the fact that it brings Poyo into the world.