Friday, January 06, 2012

Upcoming: “Jane Carver of Waar” by Nathan Long (Night Shade)

Just a quick artwork post. This time, I want to cast the spotlight on Nathan Long’s next novel, Jane Carver of Waar (one of my 2012 Most Anticipated). Here’s the finished cover:


Here’s the novel’s synopsis:

Jane Carver is nobody’s idea of a space princess.

A hard-ridin’, hard-lovin’ biker chick and ex-Airborne Ranger, Jane is as surprised as anyone else when, on the run from the law, she ducks into the wrong cave at the wrong time-and wakes up butt-naked on an exotic alien planet light-years away from everything she’s ever known.

Waar is a savage world of four-armed tiger-men, sky-pirates, slaves, gladiators, and purple-skinned warriors in thrall to a bloodthirsty code of honor and chivalry. Caught up in a disgraced nobleman’s quest to win back the hand of a sexy alien princess, Jane encounters bizarre wonders and dangers unlike anything she ever ran into back home.

Then again, Waar has never seen anyone like Jane before...

The novel has been described as both “a loving tribute and scathing parody of the swashbuckling space fantasies of yore”. I’m a fan of Long’s Warhammer fiction (which just keeps getting better and better), so I’m really looking forward to reading this. The novel will be published in March 2012 by Night Shade Books. As an extra bonus, here’s the artwork by Dave Dorman in its entirety, stripped of the book cover elements:



  1. Awesome, I'd love to see what Nathan Long can make of his own, non-black library fiction, I wonder when this is going to be on sale in the UK, and what publisher they'll use. I believe Night Shade are US-based, right?

  2. Yes, Night Shade is US-based, but they're starting to release more and more of their novels through the UK Kindle store, and you can also buy paperbacks through Amazon UK as well - usually good prices, too.

  3. Cool, thanks for the tip - I'll defiantly be picking this up then upon its release.