Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Should I Read Next…?

I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to picking my next read. Usually. There are times, of course, when nothing is going to stop me reading a particular book. (Most recently, that was the case with Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War, despite my intended wish to mix things up  a bit more… I loved it, so it worked out in the end. Later in the year, it’ll be Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves.)

I currently find myself in one of these moments of indecisiveness. Here are the options (followed, after the break, but synopses):


Richard Ford’s Herald of the Storm (Headline)

Welcome to Steelhaven...

Under the reign of King Cael the Uniter, this vast cityport on the southern coast has for years been a symbol of strength, maintaining an uneasy peace throughout the Free States.

But now a long shadow hangs over the city, in the form of the dread Elharim warlord, Amon Tugha. When his herald infiltrates the city, looking to exploit its dangerous criminal underworld, and a terrible dark magick that has long been buried once again begins to rise, it could be the beginning of the end.

Robert Jackson Bennett’s American Elsewhere (Orbit)

Some places are too good to be true.

Under a pink moon, there is a perfect little town not found on any map.

In that town, there are quiet streets lined with pretty houses, houses that conceal the strangest things.

After a couple years of hard traveling, ex-cop Mona Bright inherits her long-dead mother's home in Wink, New Mexico. And the closer Mona gets to her mother's past, the more she understands that the people of Wink are very, very different...

From one of our most talented and original new literary voices comes the next great American supernatural novel: a work that explores the dark dimensions of the hometowns and the neighbours we thought we knew.

Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon (Hodder)

They live among us.

They are your neighbour, your mother, your lover.

They change.

Every teenage girl thinks she’s different. When government agents kick down Claire Forrester’s front door and murder her parents, Claire realizes just how different she is.

Patrick Gamble was nothing special until the day he got on a plane and hours later stepped off it, the only passenger left alive, a hero.

President Chase Williams has sworn to protect the people of the United States from the menace in their midst, but is becoming the very thing he has promised to destroy.

So far the threat has been controlled by laws and violence and drugs. But the night of the red moon is coming, when an unrecognizable world will emerge, and the battle for humanity will begin.

Joe Hill’s NOS-4R2 (Gollancz)

Summer. Massachusetts.

An old Silver Wraith with a frightening history. A story about one serial killer and his lingering, unfinished business.

Anyone could be next.

We're going to Christmasland...

NOS4A2 is an old-fashioned horror novel in the best sense. Claustrophobic, gripping and terrifying, this is a story that will have you on the edge of the seat while you read, and leaving the lights on while you sleep. With the horrific tale of Charles Manx and his Silver Wraith, Joe Hill has established himself as the premiere horror and supernatural thriller writer of his generation.

C. Robert Cargill’s Dreams and Shadows (Gollancz)

DREAMS AND SHADOWS takes us beyond the veil, through the lives of Ewan and Colby, young men whose spirits have been enmeshed with the otherworld from a young age.

This brilliantly-crafted narrative follows the boys from their star-crossed adolescences to their haunted adulthoods; and takes us inside the Limestone Kingdom, a parallel universe where whisky-swilling genies and foul-mouthed wizards argue over the state of the metaphysical realm. Having left the spirit world and returned to the human world, Ewan and Colby discover that the creatures from this previous life have not forgotten them, and that fate can never be sidestepped.

Of course, I may ignore all of your suggestions anyway, but it will nevertheless be interesting to see what you would like to feature on the site.

It’s also my 30th birthday this coming Friday, and I’m hoping for some Amazon vouchers, so I can get Kindle editions of the third book in Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series and also Joe Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings (have become a bit of a fanboy for this series, now…),* so those will likely follow shortly after whichever choice I make from this selection.

Which would you recommend? If you can find the comments, please do leave your suggestions. (Apparently, some browsers are having a difficult time with the new blog template, but I can’t figure out how to fix this or change it back… Apologies about that.)

* Review of Before They Are Hanged tomorrow.


  1. I'm going to be no help whatsoever, but my choice would be between Dreams and Shadows and Red Moon as those are both books I really want to read and am curious about, but haven't received an ARC for ;-)

    1. All of these will be read, it was just a case of I CAN'T DECIDED HELP ME *KERMIT FLAIL OF INCOMPETENT INDECISIVENESS*! ;)

  2. Joe Hill's NOS-4R2 looks good and I wish you a Happy Birthday in advance!

  3. Go with American Elsewhere, I enjoyed The Company Man by RJB and will be interested to see how that one turns out. And have another Happy Birthday wish in advance :).

    1. American Elsewhere will be soon... NOS4R2 won on votes here & on Twitter.
      (And thank you, too!)

    2. I've only read American Elsewhere, but I did it in two days, it was so gripping.

    3. That's a very good endorsement... I'll make sure I get to it very soon. :)

  4. I just read and loved Dreams and Shadows. I'm about to pick up Red Moon, but if I had the chance, I'd probably read NOS4A2.

  5. I know you've already picked the book but maybe I can move my favorite up the list a bit ;) That said all of these seem interesting :) But personally I'd go for Herald of the Storm. I've recently finished Richard Ford's Kultus and while it could be improved upon it has shown a lot of promise. Enough that I'm looking forward to this new fantasy series but I'd still like to hear an opinion or two about it before buying :D

    1. Haven't read Kultus, yet. One that slipped through the cracks of a busy reading schedule and also university-work (at the time). I have an ARC of Herald of the Storm - been saving it for a little closer to release date. But anyone who's been reading the site for a while will know I am terrible for Saving Things For Later, and promptly forgetting to read them in a timely manner... At least, having moved back to the UK recently, I have a limited number of physical books with which to distract mysely. (I'm a book magpie - easily distracted by something shiny and new...)

      Hopefully I'll get to HotS in the next couple of weeks or so.