Saturday, July 21, 2012

“The Dark Knight Rises”


This is just a very quick post to say I really enjoyed it. Lots of allusions to the storylines that influenced it, excellent acting, and it never felt like the story dragged.

Bane’s re-done voice was perhaps the only thing I didn’t like, as it robbed him a little of the sinister air. I do, sort of, understand why they did it, but… still. A little disappointing. Nevertheless, I think all of the actors did great jobs (except for Marion Cotillard in one scene). Visually great, too.

A worthy, superb end to the trilogy. And I really want Bane’s coat (see middle picture, below). Now. When can I go see it again…?



  1. Love these The Dark Knight Rises images.
    Christian Bale is the ultimate Batman and Anne Hathaway sure is a great actress so have no worry she didn't do a great job as Catwoman.

    Can't wait to see it too.

    1. I think Hathaway did a great job - she didn't try to be Michelle Pfeiffer, and she made the character more like the Seline from some of the comics I've read. She's less broken and twisted than the New 52 version of the character, which wasn't a bad thing.

      So many great moments in the movie. Definitely go see it.