Thursday, February 23, 2012

Upcoming: “Spider-Man: The Ends of the Earth” (Marvel)

Thought I’d share some teasers for the next, big Spider-Man story arc from Marvel:

The next big Spider-Man epic begins in Amazing Spider-Man #682, part one of Ends Of The Earth, by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli! The Sinister Six, led by the vengeful Doctor Octopus, is back and they’re looking for revenge! Can Spider-Man & Earth’s Mightiest save the world before Doc Ock’s explosive endgame is revealed?

I haven’t read a Spider-Man comic since Marvel was running their Operation: Zero Tolerance event (15 years ago), but I’ve been told this is a good place to jump back in. So, I think I may just give this a try. Here are some teaser images for the series:



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