Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Exclusive First Sneak Peek: “Songs of the Earth” by Elspeth Cooper MMP (Gollancz)

Here is an exclusive(!) first-look at the mass-market paperback edition of Elspeth Cooper’s Songs of the Earth. An entirely new design from Dominic Harman. The novel is already available in the UK in hardcover and trade paperback, and out in the US February 28th).

The smaller paperback edition will be released in the UK in late February. Take a look:


I really like this design – in fact, I much prefer it to the original artwork. This is more arresting and intriguing, whereas the previous artwork just didn’t much stand out, if I’m honest.

What do you think of the new design?

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  1. Wow, awesome - I'll have to pick it up as soon as I can now, having missed out on the original release.

  2. And we US folk still haven't had a crack at it, with any sort of design :)

    I do like this cover though.

  3. That's a great cover - I too prefer it. This one is far more original and full of impact.