Tuesday, November 06, 2012

An Aside: HELLBOY Timeline

I loved the movies, and I’ve enjoyed what few B.P.R.D. comics I’ve read, so when this appeared in my email inbox, I thought I’d share it:


[Click to – hopefully – enbiggen]

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  1. Nuts, that hasn't come out as clear as I'd hoped... So, here's the text from the image:

    December 23, 1944: "Hellboy is summoned to Earth by the Russian occultist Rasputin, who's developed the Ragna Rok project with the Nazis."

    November 1954: "Hellboy meets the Osiris Club, who task him with slaying a dragon to see if he is what they think he is: The Beast of the Apocalypse."

    May 1959: "Hellboy rescues Alice Monaghan from Fairies, and Gruagach, a goblin, subsequently develops a fierce grudge against Hellboy."

    March 1964: "Hellboy encounters the Russian witch Baba Yaga and shoots out her eye."

    March 2, 1979: "Hellboy convinces the B.P.R.D. to stop testing on the recently discovered Abe Sapien, leading to Abe joining the Bureau as an agent.

    May 9, 1994: "Professor Bruttenholm, Hellboy's adoptive father, is killed by a frog-monster (the first encountered by the B.P.R.D.), leading to a showdown with Rasputin and the sorcerer's death."

    March 1997: "While pursuing the vampire Giurescu, Hellboy faces the goddess Hecate, who
    tells him about his destiny as the Beast of the

    February 2009: "After an ill-fated run in with giants, Hellboy is reunited with Alice Monaghan, and the two fall in love."

    February 2009: "Hellboy discovers that he is the rightful king of Britain." [Eh?]

    August 10, 2011: "Hellboy defeats Nimue, self-proclaimed Queen of Witches, now transformed into a dragon, but dies in the battle and descends to Hell."