Sunday, March 04, 2012

Artwork: I, VAMPIRE #7-9 (DC Comics)


Last night I managed to finally catch up with I Vampire #4-6 (review next week). It’s definitely one of my favourite New 52 titles. I wanted an opportunity to mention it again on the site, and after seeing the artwork for the next three issues, by the highly talented Andrea Sorrentino, I had my excuse.


At this point, there is a cross-over story with another New 52 title, Justice League Dark – another I’ve been following and very much enjoying (and also reviewed next week). It’ll be interesting to see how the two stories are tied together: John Constantine has already featured in I, Vampire (issue four), and in the artwork for I, Vampire #8, we see a number of the characters from Justice League Dark:


And for the ninth issue, apparently we will be getting a particularly… uh, hungry vampire (that’s just a guess – I’ve purposefully avoided reading any synopses for these three issues on DC’s dedicated New 52 page):


This last one I particularly like, although I do think it would have been better without the “BITE PREY LOVE” text. Andrea Sorrentino is an amazing artist, and beautifully evokes the dark, gothic and horrific atmosphere of the story. Really complements Josh Fialkov’s writing.

If you’ve not tried the series, and like bad-ass vampire stories, then I highly recommend it.

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