Saturday, January 05, 2013

Upcoming: “Terminus” by Adam Baker (Hodder)

Baker-TerminusI heard about Adam Baker’s third novel, Terminus back in August, when I met Anne and Francine from Hodder UK at a Pandemonium event in London. Ever since, I’ve been eagerly keeping my eye out for more information. Baker is one of those authors who, despite writing the type of novel I should be interested in, I have never actually read.

His two previous novels, Outpost and Juggernaut, are inching up my TBR pile, but I have a feeling if I get my hands on this novel soon, it may shoot right to the top. I have a weakness for fiction set in New York City, so I imagine I’ll be unable to wait, when I get my hands on this:

The world has been overrun by a lethal infection, ravaged by a pathogen that leaves its victims locked half-way between life and death. New York, bombed to prevent the spread of the disease, has been reduced to radioactive rubble. A rescue squad enters the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan, searching for the one man who can create an antidote. The squad battle floodwaters, lethal radiation and infected, irradiated survivors as they race against the disease that threatens to extinguish the human race.

Terminus will be published by Hodder in March 2013. (I was unable to dig up any details about a US or worldwide release, but I’ll keep you posted as and when more information becomes available.)

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