Friday, January 18, 2013

Reviewer Emotions: That Didn’t Work As Intended…

There comes a time in every reviewer and blogger’s tenure on the internets, I’m sure, when we try something a little different. An attempt to be “clever”, “provocative”, and/or “funny”. Often times, this won’t work. If we’re lucky, readers won’t notice that were trying to be “clever”, “provocative”, and/or “funny”, and just think of it as a normal, perhaps slightly off blog post. If we’re unlucky, we’ll come across like unabashed internet trolls. So far, I think I’ve managed to avoid the latter. Regardless, when this happens, the feeling is often akin to this:



  1. That poor cat!

    Now I want to know which post you're talking about? Sense of humour is very personal. It doesn't matter if most people don't get the joke, as long as some do. And it also doesn't matter if people are laughing at you or with you, as long as they're laughing.

    1. Oh, it wasn't necessary a single post. Just sometimes when I write a review that I think is particularly interesting or well-written, and it sinks without a trace... Eh. I just really liked the GIF. ;)

  2. That GIF is mesmerizing.