Friday, April 29, 2011

News: Alan Campbell’s LYE STREET…

Campbell-DC0-LyeStreet… is now available as Kindling! The novella, which forms a prequel to Campbell’s first trilogy, the Deepgate Codex, was originally a limited edition release.

Here’s what Alan wrote about the release on his blog:

“A lot of people have asked me how they can get hold of my novella, LYE STREET, which was published by Subterranean Press as a limited edition. The simple answer is, unfortunately, that you can't unless you spend a lot of money. Copies of this little book are now selling for crazy prices.

“So I had a thought. I’m going to try to publish LYE STREET myself, as an eBook through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. I think it will be an interesting project. It will allow those fans who have eBook readers to get hold of the novella, and because LYE STREET is a prequel to the DEEPGATE CODEX it might also be a way to promote my other books.”

As someone who has yet to read Deepgate Codex (much to my shame), this is a perfect opportunity for me to try something set in the same world, before I try and wrestle Scar Night, Iron Angel and God of Clocks back off Emma (she read and reviewed them for CR when they cam out, never letting me even see the books before snapping them up – surprisingly quick at times, that one…). I loved Sea of Ghosts, so I’m pretty confident I’ll like these, too.

Lye Street is available now from both Amazon UK  & Amazon US.


The Subterranean Press Edition Artwork

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  1. Wait, my Lye Street is worth money? Well alright! I've read it; so. And it's worth reading, though mostly as an addendum to the Deepgate trilogy - which I expect you'll quite like, Stefan, if you enjoyed Sea of Ghosts. Though Scar Night and the other books are darker things by far.

    So get on that! :) And do let us know how it goes.