Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upcoming: COMPANY TOWN by Madeline Ashby (Angry Robot)

84214936The author of vN and iD is back! In my opinion, this is a really interesting-sounding (stand-alone) novel. Sadly, I haven’t got around to reading Madeline Ashby’s first two novels, but I will definitely be checking this one out.

Here’s the synopsis…

They call it Company Town – a Family-owned city-sized oil rig off the coast of the Canadian Maritimes.

Meet Hwa. One of the few in her community to forego bio-engineered enhancements, she’s the last truly organic person left on the rig. But she’s an expert in the arts of self-defence, and she’s been charged with training the Family’s youngest, who has been receiving death threats – seemingly from another timeline.

Meanwhile, a series of interconnected murders threatens the city’s stability – serial killer? Or something much, much worse…?

The awesome cover art is by Erik Mohr. Company Town is due to be published by Angry Robot Books on October 2nd 2014 in the UK and September 30th in the US and in eBook.

Be sure to follow Ashby on Twitter, for more news on her writing and novels.

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