Friday, July 06, 2012

“Minimum” Carnage…?

Ok, I don’t mean to beat up on Marvel all week, but this can’t be a serious advertisement:


That’s right: Minimum Carnage… That word is hardly in the approved Selling Point handbook, and is utterly opposite to Marvel’s penchant for “Ultimate”, “Uncanny”, “Amazing”, “Astonishing” and other grab-words.

Minimum Carnage… What’s next? “Canny X-Men”?* “Average Avengers”?

* In this incarnation, they are all from the North of England…


  1. new people in the PR department and having a serious case of the stupids? just one thought

    1. Apparently, they're making a joke about "Maximum" Carnage series they ran a while ago? Maybe?
      Despite my snark, I should mention that I am kind of intrigued by the Carnage character. I think there are two collections out at the moment.

  2. "Maximum" Carnage was terrible. It deserved to be laughed at.