Friday, June 08, 2012

Reviewer Request

So, post-BEA, I’m exhausted but also swamped with books. I also want to start expanding the blog. Therefore, I would like to offer an invitation to be a guest reviewer on Civilian Reader. There’s just no way I can read and review all these books in a timely manner, and keep up to date with other new and old titles that come my way.

Therefore, there are four books I would like to offer to potential reviewers (I will post you the book). For this round, this is open to US only, but I will do another round when I get back to Britain open to the UK and Europe.

Here are the four titles:


Michael Koryta’s The Prophet (thriller); Chris Roberson’s Further Beyond the Threshold (sci-fi/space opera); B.V. Larson’s Technomancer (sci-fi/cyberpunk); and Rachel Aaron’s The Spirit War (fantasy, #4 in series)

Note: This does not mean I won’t read and review these four books myself in the near future. For example, the only reason I’m not reviewing The Spirit War is because I have to catch up with the rest of the series first, which could take a while.

Please only offer if you’re serious about reading and reviewing one of these books. If you’re interested, please email me which book you’d like to review. I would also ask that you ‘prove’ writing ability and knowledge of the genre. This is not just a chance to nab a free book and write “I liked it a lot. It was nice.”

If this works out, I will probably make it a frequent thing. If you’re interested, please let me know by Sunday night. I’ll be posting books on Monday morning.

Also, if you would like to guest-review or -write on Civilian Reader in general, feel free to email me a sample review, and I’ll consider posting it and/or offering you a writing & reviewing gig.

Genre fiction and blogging is, after all, a community thing, so it would be nice to feature more writers and reviewers on here.



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