Wednesday, September 19, 2012

“I Steve Rogers… Do Solemnly Swear…”

UC-Ultimates-16Wait, what? Here’s the email subject line that greeted me when I got in to work this morning:

Captain America Elected President Of The United States of America!

Given a glitch with my work computer, I wasn’t able to look at the preview pages that were attached to the email, but I thought I’d share a couple of them here. Because this is… an interesting development. I’d been watching some of the Ultimate Comics Ultimates previews and story comments for a while, and particularly the “Divided We Stand” story-arc that seems to be bridging a handful of the UC line (Spider-Man and X-Men at least). However, I’m not really sure what I make of it, now…


Here’s what Marvel Entertainment’s Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso had to say of the development:

“This is one of those stories that could only be told in the Ultimate Comics Universe, where the only rule is simple – there are no rules… We’ve seen Captain America fight wars and battle super villains, but running a country is a whole new challenge – but don’t worry, this isn’t about political speeches and closed door meetings. This is exactly the kind of high-octane, super powered thrill ride you’d expect from a book called The Ultimates!”

Hm… Colour me skeptical.

Sam Humphries, who scripted the issue (and also works on Fanboys vs. Zombies for Boom Studios) said:

“Captain America was created in 1941, but this is the first time he’s been made Commander in Chief. It’s an honor to write a landmark milestone for such an iconic character… We’ve made a commitment in Ultimates to show how epic events have significant consequences. President Cap is no different. This will have a lasting impact on Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the whole team.”




On a happier note, the cover for issue 15 is pretty badass:


Ok, I vote Thor for President!

(Putting the “God” in “In God We Trust”? Too far…?)


  1. That Thor cover is awesome! I've been away from comics for too long, especially Marvel. I need to get back into the game.

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  2. Love the Thor cover, and sounds like a potentially interesting/disastrous title. I would catch up on the Ultimate Comics, but I've got loads of DC's New 52 stuff to catch up on first before I get to this.

    Having tried a bunch of first issues of New 52 last night on comixology, I think I'll keep going with Detective Comics, Justice League, The Flash, Suicide Squad, Demon Knights (maybe) and Wonder Woman. Wasn't really impressed with Under the Red Hood or Green Lantern, although I might try the next two issues to see how they fare in each of them.