Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Upcoming: “Colder” (Dark Horse) – Updated

I like the teaser image below for a number of reason. First, because I would really like to read the upcoming series Colder. Second, because I totally used to be that kid, sneaking a read at night. Third, because it’s just a really cool picture.


As far as I’m aware, Colder is a new series coming up from Paul Tobin (the author of Prepare to Die and a number of comics, who I interviewed here). Here’s some more artwork, this time from the cover of issue one:


August 8th Update: Dark Horse have released another teaser image, which is even more creepy:



  1. It looks so twisted. I love it :) I need to get me some more DH comics; I've not read any for years.

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

    1. Do you like Brian Wood? If you do, then The Massive is a solid new series.

      They do a lot of tie-in stuff - Star Wars, Buffy, etc. - but they also have a fair amount of quirky original-IP series. Resident Alien was good (also finished, but probably with more to come).