Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paperback Release: “Stands A Shadow” by Col Buchanan (Tor)

Buchanan-2-StandsAShadowJust wanted to give a quick heads up about the paperback release of Col Buchanan’s Stands A Shadow, the second in his Heart of the World series.

I really enjoyed both of Buchanan’s novels, and wanted to take this opportunity give it another shout-out on here, in case anyone missed it the first time around. I think I’m right in saying both of the novels have received pretty good press across the board.

Here are a handful of snippets from my review of July 2011, just to give you an idea of just how much I enjoyed it (with hindsight, I still stand by my review 100%):

“With Stands a Shadow, Buchanan has done everything to build and improve on the first novel.”

“One of Buchanan’s greatest strengths is his gift for characterisation – even peripheral, single-scene characters are well-defined and realistic. His main cast are unique characters with recognisable voices and styles of their own, and there is a sense of getting to know them as the novel progresses. This makes the whole book a very enjoyable read as, even if a character is only fleeting, they never feel pointless or overtly a narrative device.”

“On the strength of both Farlander and Stands a Shadow, I can only see Buchanan getting better with each new novel. If you like your fantasy grand in scope but intimate in detail and character-driven, then the Heart of the World series is perfect for you.”

“Engaging and addictive, Stands a Shadow is one of the best novels I’ve read this year, and therefore very highly recommended.”

To celebrate the paperback release, Buchanan’s also got a newly re-vamped website with extra content and features. Check it (and the series!) out if you want to learn more.

Both Farlander and Stands A Shadow are available now in the UK, and Stands A Shadow will be published in paperback on July 31st in the United States.

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  1. Farlander and Stands A Shadow sound pretty awesome.
    Hmmm, this blog keeps introducing me to great books in fantasy and science fiction.
    Thanks Stefan:)