Friday, March 28, 2014

Upcoming: EDGE OF TOMORROW (Movie)

Another interesting sci-fi movie coming out this year. Tom Cruise seems to be enjoying the uptick in popularity of the genre (see also: Oblivion, which was much better than I expected). Emily Blunt is also great. I’m looking forward to this, think it has a fair bit of promise. Check out the trailer:

Find out more at the movie’s website, IMDb, and on Facebook.



  1. Altho I like the title you used more, "END", the movie is actually called "EDGE" of Tomorrow.

    1. Well spotted! I was, uh, just testing if people were paying attention... Uhm...
      [Error Fixed]

  2. Lol, well said. I'm a big fan of this blog, so very glad I could help!

  3. If you can believe that repetitions of death/life can be used as a slow build toward gaining on an invincible enemy, you'll appreciate that this creative team has made a movie in which there isn't a dull moment.

  4. It features all the best qualities of memorable summer-movie thrillers - it's clever, cool and quirky to the point of almost being a bit silly - and when you leave, you may consider re-living the experience all over again.