Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reader’s Block…

… is apparently a thing. Which I am experiencing at the moment. I haven’t liked about 3/4 of the books I’ve tried to read over the past two weeks. I’m still reading, and have managed to get through a couple (reviews pending), but I’m finding I have zero patience for a lot of things. I’ve even tried to go with safe bets, comfort reads (Star Wars, something published by Black Library, or by authors I know I’ve really enjoyed in the past). But… nothing is hitting the mark.

This may be a case of genre-overload (I have to read this stuff for work, now, too), which could explain why I’ve been reading more real-world novels (thrillers, literary fiction, etc.). For this reason, I think we’ll be seeing a temporary shift, and I’ll be focusing more on non-SFF novels for just a little while, as I clear my brain. Then, after that, we’ll be seeing far more genre breadth on the blog – in terms or reviews, news, and hopefully interviews. I haven’t stopped liking SFF or anything of the sort. I think I just need a bit of a break. They’re starting to blur into one mass, right now…


  1. Last time this happened to me I put out a Facebook query on best mystery to read. Ended up reading and enjoying The Alienist. Lots of good biographies and nonfiction too.

    1. Caleb Carr's "The Alienist"? He's a superb writer.
      I've been reading more non-fiction, too (always have at least one non-fiction book on the go, though they do take longer to read than fiction - most of the time, there have been some recent exceptions).
      I just decided to go out of the SFF genres for a little while. Enjoying the change.