Friday, November 22, 2013

New Horus Heresy Artwork: “Vengeful Spirit” by Graham McNeill (Black Library)

I nabbed this piece from the Black Library blog. It is going to grace Vengeful Spirit, the next Heresy novel by Graham McNeill. Haven’t the faintest idea what it is about, specifically, but there’s an Amazon UK listing, now. The cover text states: “The Battle of Moloch” (no idea), and “The Sons of Horus reclaim their place at forefront of the galactic civil war.” It’ll certainly be nice to see the Sons of Horus back at the centre of the story – the last time was the original three novels, no?


That is one angry-looking Warmaster on the left. With a very big stick… [And what looks like a Star Destroyer up above.] Amazon also had the finished cover:


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  1. The short story "The Devine Adoratrice" from the Imperial Truth Anthology (2013) refers to the Knights of Molech. The main character is seduced by a Slaaneshi cultist just before his ascension to Knighthood and Planetary Governorship, presumably in preparation for the Warmaster's arrival.

    There's more to the story of course. Check it out.
    This probably refers to that.