Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cover Art: Constantine #15 (DC New 52)

I haven’t been keeping up-to-date on single issues from any of DC Comics’ New 52 series for quite some time. I did, therefore, only just spot this piece, which graces the cover of Constantine #15. The artist is Juan E. Ferrevra. I particularly liked the silhouette effect.


The issue is written by Ray Fawkes, and internal artwork is by ACO, Richard and Tanya Horie.

Here’s the synopsis:

John Constantine witnesses the horrifying reach of magic when he meets the world's wealthiest mage – a woman who’s been draining all the good luck out of her home city of Hong Kong and benefiting from the suffering of millions.


  1. Since the New 52, the new Constantine series has had some great covers but the series itself has been very disappointing.

    1. I thought it started well, but by the time the Trinity crossover story began, I'd lost interest a bit. Which I believe was issue #5? I love the character and the types of story, but ultimately it's not living up to my expectations.