Monday, October 10, 2011

DC New 52: “Men of War” #2


The front becomes even more strange and incredible

Writers: Ivan Brandon & Jonathan Vankin

Artists: Tom Derenik & Phil Winslade

In the split second after a heavy-weapons blast the air goes silent and still, just as it does in the ghostly realm of Circe. How will Rock and his team of men – battle-hardened, but still human – survive a villainess who can walk on the very wind?

Plus, Navy Seals Ice and Tracker go where no boots are on the ground, but when their mission is compromised, how will they tell friend from foe?

Another good issue, with the same strengths as the first, but not enough to keep me coming back every month for just a short slice of the story.

I just think this title would be better as a complete collection. As individual issues, it just doesn’t do it for me – mainly because I feel like I’m not getting enough of the story. Sure, it’s early days still, but given how I think the story is constructed and set up, it feels like there’s going to be a lot of big stuff happening down the line. These episodes feel too much like endless teasers. I still think it’s an interesting concept and angle, but one that doesn’t work in this bite-size format.

The Navy Seals story is ok, but once again nothing to write home about. (In terms of the retro art-style and also the story.)

The best thing about this issue was the sneak-peek at Batman: Noel, a graphic novel coming out next month. It looks deliciously dark and twisted, but also gorgeous – the art is fantastic, and I can’t wait to enjoy the whole thing. I will definitely be pre-ordering this.

So, in summary: a great premise, but not one I’m willing to follow in such small chunks. This is a novel-sized story, which needs to be told in full. Brandon’s written something great, for sure, and Derenik’s art complements the writing and tone brilliantly. It seems contradictory for me to say that, despite these obvious strengths, that I’m going to stop getting it by individual issues, but… I just think it’s one that suits a longer format, and I’ll buy and read it when it is published as a collected edition.

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