Monday, October 17, 2011

Tor UK Captures Seth Patrick


Tor UK has recently acquired the debut novel from Seth Patrick, an author based in the UK. The novel, Reviver, is the first of a trilogy featuring Jonah Miller (although one assumes it could be extended, a la Dresden Files, etc.). Miller is a reviver, which seems to be some form of medium/psychic, who “can make contact with the dead and bring them back for a short period of time to say goodbye to loved ones or, more importantly for the police, tell them who their killers were”.

The premise for Reviver sounds pretty interesting: set in the US, Jonah is one of the world’s most gifted revivers.

“While reviving the victim of a brutal murder, Jonah discovers that a sinister presence is watching from the other side.  When he starts to investigate, what he uncovers threatens everything he knows...”

So, while gazing into the Other Side, Jonah realises something is gazing back. I’m sure I’ve seen something like this somewhere else, but I’m sure this will have an interesting twist to the idea (it was pre-emptively bought for six figures, so Tor clearly have high hopes and belief in the novel).

Reviver is currently slated for UK publication in 2013. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it. The style of the novel has been compared to Stephen King, Justin Cronin and Dean Koontz.

(Thomas Dunne Books has bought the rights for US publication.)

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  1. Sounds exactly, and I mean nearly scene for scene and premise for premise, like Torchwood and the episodes featuring the "Resurrection Glove".