Monday, April 26, 2010

CR’s Quest for Global Domination!

Well, that title’s a little misleading… I’ve been using a website traffic tracker to let me know who visits my websites – not in a creepy way, just in terms of geographical location. I’ve been tracking the traffic for just over a month (since March 25th), and it’s kind of interesting to see where visitors are from. So, I’ve decided to share the maps with you, below.

First, for this site. The Americas:

CR Visitors 20100325-0426

And the rest of the World:

CR Visitors 20100325-0426 

Interestingly, visitors to our our non-fiction site have a slightly different geographical make-up:

CR2 Visitors 20100325-0426

CR2 Visitors 20100325-0426

Not sure if the pictures are as clear as they could be, to be honest, but you can more-or-less make out all the red dots.

Anyway, just thought this was interesting.

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