Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marvel: THREE New Wolverine Titles…?


Last year, I had a chat with the President of a comics company in the US, and we joked about Marvel’s addiction to Wolverine and how he features in an ever-increasing number of their titles. With the roll-out of the Marvel NOW not-a-reboot-honest, readers will (of course) be offered some more titles that are all about Wolverine: Wolverine, Savage Wolverine and the soon-to-be-launched Ultimate Comics – Wolverine. Can there be too much of a great character? After all, he is a member of the Avengers, too…

Wolverine is written by Paul Cornell, with art by Alan Davis – the first issue of this series will be published tomorrow.


Savage Wolverine (first two issues already available) is written and drawn by Frank Cho.


Ultimate Comics – Wolverine is written by Cullen Bunn (one of my favourite comic writers – see The Sixth Gun), with art by David Messina and Gary Erskine. The first issue of this series is also published tomorrow.



  1. I've read the first issue of Savage Wolverine, it's alright, very pulpy but nothing too entertaining, and am going to pick of Cornell's Wolverine tomorrow from the store - so am looking forward to that. Didn't know about the Ultimate Comics - Wolverine though, may have to give that a pass as I'm already picking up 5 comics tomorrow, Batman #18, Secret Avengers #2, Fearless Defenders #2, Age of Ultron #2 & the aforementioned Wolverine #1.

  2. Yep, the first issue of SW was decent, enough for me to pick up the second book. And Wolverine does feature in a ton of titles. Don't forget that he is also in The First X-Men and is a lead character there.

  3. Picked up Savage Wolverine in the Marvel Free #1s bonanza (one of the few that worked, sadly), so I'll give it a read at some point soon. Really don't understand why the only female character in the preview is wearing a leopard-print-bikini when all the men are fully clothed in SHIELD uniforms...

  4. Brand recognition, Stefan, brand recognition! :D She isn't called the She-Devil for nothing!

  5. Even more Wolverine! Just when you didn't think we could squeeze any more out of him (and you, dear reader!) we're doing three more titles! I like the character, but there are just far too many. Also, if they kill him off (which is the rumour for 2014) what will happen to all of these titles? I'd like to see Marvel do some new titles, not connected to major franchises. Probably 80-90% of current monthly titles belong to some family, FF, Avengers, Hulk, etc.