Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Westerfeld’s “Behemoth” final cover?

According to Wondrous Reads, this is the final cover for Scott Westerfeld’s Behemoth:


I’m not sure that I like it, to be entirely honest. The previously proposed UK artwork, I thought, was more appropriate:


Not only that, it matches the cover artwork of Leviathan, the first in the series, which is also pretty cool:


Not only that, this ‘darker’ design matches the design of the author’s website. Westerfeld seems happy with the new cover (read his thoughts, here).

Here’s the banner head from the site:


See? The darker blue makes more sense.

Am I being unreasonable? Any thoughts?

On a related note, regardless of what you might think of this new cover, one this is for certain: the UK covers are better than the US versions…


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  1. I agree! The UK covers (All of them, really. The ones with Keiths art are best though) are SO MUCH better than the US covers...At least the Leviathan one. I dont so much mind the Behemoth cover though...But I like the more 'Steampunk' version more.