Saturday, August 06, 2011

The “I Have to Move” Giveaway #3 (Eclectic)

Here we go again with another book-giveaway (see reasons and rationale for them, here). This time, a more eclectic – but no less interesting – bunch of books:


T.C. McCarthy’s Germline – an awesome, dark and original sci-fi war novel (first in a series).

Robert Jackson Bennett’s The Company Man – weird and wonderful alternate history science fiction.

Ken MacLeod’s Restoration Game – awesome science fiction.

Christopher Farnsworth’s Blood Oath – a great novel of vampires, politics, and zombies (first in a series).

Usual guidelines for the giveaway – email your name and address to:


Open to European residents only, I’m afraid. (Sorry everyone else!) Winner will be chosen at random by the end of next week.

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