Thursday, July 28, 2011

Call for Guest Posts (Influences & Inspirations)

Recently I’ve been putting out some feelers via Twitter regarding guest posts for Civilian-Reader, and a few people have asked me about possible themes, questions or topics I had in mind. This, actually, was a problem, as I tend to be one of those people who is interested in most things and particularly keen to know what author and publishers have sloshing about in their heads at any given time – be it thoughts on the genre(s), writing, world-building, issue areas, and innumerable other potential topics.

While thinking about this yesterday, however, I was reminded of a discussion a few months back about the lack of reviews for ‘older’ novels, and how many great novels just don’t get mentioned online because they’ve been out a long time. So, I kept coming back to the subject of influences and inspirations:

Which author, series, or novel was the most influential to you as a writer, publisher, or agent (or whoever)?

It’s one of the questions I always ask authors in my interviews, but it’s also something I think could use more space.

Therefore, I extend the offer to any author, or member of the publishing industry, that if they would like to feature on Civilian-Reader, and need a topic (if you have your own, by all means go with that), I am keen to feature posts that highlight and discuss authors, series, and novels that inspired you to write.

Any takers? Email me at: civilian.reader[at]

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  1. I should mention that the invitation for guest posts is not only open to authors: if you are a blogger, publisher or anyone else involved in anything book-related, then I will happily consider guest posts from you, too. As long as they're book-related.