Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharpe’s New Jackets (Harper)

I started reading Bernard Cornwell’s novels in the Summer of 2001 – it was the end of my first year at university, and I picked up Harlequin. Being the author-obsessive that I was at the time (I would find an established author, read everything he/she wrote), I picked up Sharpe’s Tiger. And was hooked. I proceeded to read every Sharpe book that was published at the time and, after moving there for a year, even ordered them to Japan. (Oh, the postage charge!)

Harper have just re-released the entire series with some very nice, vintage-look jackets. As I’m probably not going to be re-reading them and reviewing them any time soon, I thought I would nevertheless share some of the new covers.


The Sharpe Series (Chronologically):

Sharpe’s Tiger

Sharpe’s Triumph

Sharpe’s Fortress

Sharpe’s Trafalgar

Sharpe’s Prey

Sharpe’s Rifles


Sharpe’s Havoc

Sharpe’s Eagle

Sharpe’s Gold

Sharpe’s Escape


Sharpe’s Fury

Sharpe’s Battle

Sharpe’s Company

Sharpe’s Sword


Sharpe’s Skirmish (short story)

Sharpe’s Enemy

Sharpe’s Honour

Sharpe’s Regiment

Sharpe’s Christmas (two short stories)

Sharpe’s Siege


Sharpe’s Revenge

Sharpe’s Waterloo

Sharpe’s Ransom

Sharpe’s Devil


If you have never read the series, and own a Kindle, Sharpe’s Tiger is only £1.99 on Amazon UK. If you have any interest in historical fiction, then I strongly recommend you give the series a try.

[And, please, excuse the high level of improbability that a single man would participate in the sheer number of battles Richard Sharpe finds himself in…]


  1. I've got a couple with the new jackets, and they are simply lovely, suit the series well and look spiffy next to one another on my shelf. There is nothing I enjoy more than uniformity on the spines of my books.

    I'm only about 4 books into Sharpe, but I'm taking my time with them as Cornwell's books always are an enjoyment, and I use them when I get in reading slumps to get me out of said slumps.

    1. An excellent strategy. I burned my way through them like crazy - at the time, I was methodically going through authors' backlists to catch up, when I found one I enjoyed. I think this followed Anne Rice and the Star Wars series, and was followed by James Patterson's Alex Cross novels.

      And I, too, enjoy a uniformly-jacketed display on my bookshelf.

  2. Noooo...why couldn't they have done this with the original covers to begin with? *sniff* I own them all and I go to recollect them with the vintage covers it's going to cost me a small fortune.

    1. Yes, this is indeed a pickle. One I share with you. I really like this design - far more than the two or three designs my own copies fall into.

    2. Agonizing over the decision is probably going to drive me bonkers. Errr....more...bonkers.