Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wow (Black Library Artwork)


Black Library has recently unveiled a number of great pieces of artwork up on their blog, but there were three in particular that I thought were especially stunning, so had to share them here. They are all for novels I am really eager to read, too, so I know I’ll get at least one more opportunity to share them in the future. [Click on the images below to enbiggen.]

Unfortunately, I don’t have proper synopses to offer alongside the artwork, but I’m sure they’ll appear relatively soon up on Black Library’s website.

The first is Raymond Swanland’s artwork that will grace Angel of Fire, William King’s novel about the first Macharian Crusade (published July 2012):


And some close-detail:


For more on King’s work, check out our interview with the author.

*     *     *

The second piece will form the cover of James Swallow’s next Horus Heresy novel, Fear To Tread (coming September 2012). And it’s stunning:


And some detail of the dual:


The novel recounts the Battle of Signus Prime, in which the Blood Angels (led by their angelic Primarch Sanguinius) face off against a horde of daemons.

*     *     *

And finally, Slawomir Maniak’s piece for Priests of Mars, a novel by Graham McNeill (published August 2012):


This is Maniak’s first piece of cover art for Black Library. Here’s a close up of the Techpriest:


For more on Graham’s thoughts on his many Black Library-related projects and more, check out his CR interview.

*     *     *

These three books are going to look amazing.

If there are any more pieces of eye-catching artwork, from any publisher, I’ll be sure to post them here with as much information as possible on the books whose covers they are going to grace.

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