Sunday, September 04, 2011

Douglas Hulick’s Next Novel (Tor/Roc)


Doug Hulick’s Among Thieves is one of the best new fantasies I’ve read this year, and so I was very happy to see the new artwork for the second in his Tales of the Kin series, Sworn in Steel (which was released through Twitter a while back by Julie Crisp from Tor UK). Now that the US artwork has been released as well, I thought I’d share them both on here.

First up, the UK artwork:


I like that they’ve stuck with the style of the first novel (below), and I really like the new dynamism and colour-palette that they’ve used for this one.

The artwork for the American market is an improvement on the first, and draws from a similar though more-muted colour-palette, while retaining the style of the US artwork for Among Thieves:


Sworn in Steel is currently slated for an early 2012 release in both the UK and US (through Roc), and I can’t wait. I strongly suggest you check out Among Thieves if you haven’t already – and especially if you are already a fan of Brent Weeks, Jon Sprunk, Scott Lynch and Ari Marmell.

Also on CR: An Interview with Douglas Hulick

Among Thieves artwork (UK/US):



  1. I see it's still the dude from Being Human's lesser-known doppelganger on the US cover, though.

    I should really get around to reading Among Thieves, shouldn't I? I've only heard the good things, and months out from its release, that's a rarity.

  2. I really, really love that cover artwork for the UK. I enjoyed Among Thieves, so this'll be a must have for me.

    Thanks for posting the artwork :).

  3. I enjoyed Among Thieves, the best (the only) published debut I've read (well finished) ...hmmm .. possibly this century.

    I like the UK covers best - but the the US cover for sworn in steel seems to be a more appropriate image given the descriptions of the swords favoured...