Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Upcoming: “Red Hood & the Outlaws” #17 (DC)

Mico Suayan is an incredible artist… I shared the art for Red Hood & the Outlaws #18 a little while back, but for some reason missed the cover for #17. Abhinav reminded me on Twitter, so here it is, in all its awesome glory:


I really like the play on the Death in the Family artwork, which chronicled Jason Todd’s murder at the hands of the Joker. This issue comes as part of the Death of the Family cross-title story-arc, lead by current Batman-writer Scott Snyder. (Which I have not read, I should mention – so no spoilers in the comments!)

Red Hood & the Outlaws #17 will be published on Feb.20th 2013, and is written by Scott Lobdell, with internal art by Timothy Green II.


  1. Holy cow, that looks awesome. I didn't like #1 but I really want to get on board this series, as people are telling me that it gets a lot better. I may have to pick up Volume 1 soon.

    1. It does. I like the character a lot. If you check out LOST DAYS and then UNDER THE RED HOOD, you'll want to read it even more. The series has some pander-to-teenage-boys panels (a couple), but it's pretty well written. I've been waiting for the collected editions. Will have to catch up at some point (been soooo slow about keeping up-to-date on the New 52).