Sunday, February 26, 2012

Upcoming: Concept Sketch for NIGHT OF THE OWLS Batman Event

Over at DC’s blog they are releasing a number of character sketches for the upcoming Batman event, Night of the Owls, and I just wanted to share the latest, because I think it looks great. First, though, here’s a quick blurb for the event:

The “Night of the Owls” is coming this May, pitting the extended Bat-family against the deadly Court of Owls. A shadowy secret society with roots that date back to Gotham City’s earliest history, the Court employs a cadre of timeless, sinister assassins known as Talons to execute its malevolent will.

The sketch below is actually from the “back-up features” (basically, extra stories tagged on to the main issues), and is by Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire):


The fact that DC’s going to tie all of the Batman-related titles together really make me want to continue reading them all… It’s going to be tough to not follow this event (which has basically already started in the Scott Snyder-penned Batman series).

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